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masa israel

“My major was in environmental economics. I wanted to intern somewhere that has to do with my area of study – I’m interested in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and how environmental issues mitigate conflict. The other major thing was that I liked that it wasn’t just Israeli Jews or Americans here – diversity is an integral part of the program.”

Arava Institue ( Year- 2016 )

Lynnette Hacopian

“As a Religious Studies major I wanted to go to the holy land and learn Hebrew so I can read religious texts in their original language and study translation discrepancies. However, I never expected to have such a layered and complex experience.”

Haifa University ( Study Abroad Program )

Brooke Gentry
Atlanta, GA

“Masa gave me a unique opportunity to be a student at one of the world’s top universities. It was very interesting; my days were busy from morning till night. We studied four days a week and once a week there were excursions around the country or lectures with guest speakers.”

“I met and got to know many wonderful and intelligent people. It was a huge networking opportunity. Many have stayed my close friends. I feel that I changed personally, and also that I was a part of something larger than myself. I became more independent. It was a challenge for me and I have successfully met the challenge. I had an unforgettable experience while I was at the Technion on the Masa program.”

Technion University ( Study Abroad Program )

Yulia Gr
Moscow, Russia

masa israel

“I’m half Israeli. For a very long time, I wanted to be here and live here. It was really the combination of the international health program at Ben-Gurion University and being back in Israel.”

Ben Gurion University ( BGU Medical School First Year – 2016-2019 )

Daniel Levi
Wayside, NJ

“BGU as a whole is so much more like a university campus in the States. It’s such a student-driven scene here. I think I’ve enjoyed it so much more than I would have to go to school elsewhere.”

“People in our class come from all over the place and all have this goal of making the world a better place. People from all over the world, which you have everywhere, but the fact that people came here to study is really special. It offers a really unique perspective coming here and learning here and then potentially to applying it to patients in the States.”

Ben Gurion University ( BGU Medical School First Year )

Jenna Meyer
Rochester, MN

masa israel

“I wanted to experience Israel for myself and build a stronger connection to my Jewish heritage.”

Ben Gurion University ( GAP Year Program – Year 2016 )

Naftali Horowitz
Pasaick, NJ

masa israel

“Masa’s scholarship enabled me to fulfill a lifelong dream: living in Israel and learning Hebrew. Through Masa, I spent a semester studying abroad at Ben-Gurion University and making friendships that will last me a lifetime. Through Ulpan and volunteering, I learned to speak Hebrew almost fluently. After this incredible semester, I plan to maintain connections with Israel throughout my life. Thank you, for providing me with such an amazing opportunity.”

Ben Gurion University ( Study Abroad Program- Year 2017)

Talia Borofsky
Philadelphia, PA

“I recommend the semester and summer internship program to anyone who is willing to step out of their comfort zone just a little bit and trust the people of Israel to take them in, teach them, and help show them what they can accomplish in such a short period. I’m grateful and thankful for the friends I made, the professors who educated me, and my colleagues who taught me.”

Tel Aviv University ( Study Abroad + Intern Program – Year 2016 )

Dana Sherman
George Washington University in D.C

“I chose to study at Tel Aviv University because of the great offering of classes, and the career center, which I knew I would use to help me figure out what I wanted to do while I pivoted from journalism.”

“The Sofaer International MBA program was interesting and opened my eyes to different things that I hadn’t thought about. It also gave me a new lens to view my experience covering financial bankruptcy, now that I understood a little more about what went into running a business.”

Tel Aviv University ( Sofaer International MBA Program – Year 2016 )

Aviva Gat
New York, NY

“Who would have thought that one semester could influence the
rest of your life? Studying abroad at Tel Aviv University was the
best decision of my college career. Not only did I grow as a person
but as a professional as well. In one semester I was exposed to
diverse cultures, making friends from all over the world, while
immersing myself in Israeli society. I decided to take advantage
of the opportunities given by Masa and utilize my time away
from the books and the beach wisely. Volunteering twice a week
teaching dance and English at an after-school program in Yafo,
allowed me to gain experience in my field of study while building
long-lasting relationships within the community.”

Tel Aviv University ( Study Abroad Program – Year 2015 )

Stephanie Aseraph
Rockville, MD

masa israel

“Being raised Jewish, I have always felt some sort of connection to Israel
but I had never questioned why until I decided to study abroad in Tel Aviv.
I wanted to further my major in communications and psychology minor in
the most beautiful city in the world. I loved being able to communicate
with all of the diverse students on TAU’s campus. Studying abroad at TAU
through Masa Israel and with the help of Penn State Hillel, allowed me to
have many opportunities that I would not have had otherwise. This diverse
university allowed me to study a wide range of courses and additionally
took us on many adventures to Jerusalem, Haifa, and the Dead Sea!”

Tel Aviv University ( Study Abroad Program – Year 2017 )

Kirya Ades-Aron
Port Washington, NY

“Getting my master’s in Israel with the help of Masa was life-changing.
I learned a lot about myself, I expanded my network globally, lived like
a local and truly understood my Jewish identity. Learning about Israel’s
security doctrine and diplomatic approaches really gave me perspective
about the Middle East and the strategies used towards a path to peace.
Living in Israel for a year opened my eyes to believe that anything
is possible and that you just have to do it. It gave me the confidence to
pursue my passions and dreams. I made friends from all over the world,
understood different cultures and perspective, and now whenever
I travel I always have a friend. A few years later, I took yet another
journey and work for Masa Israel’s marketing team in New York.”

Tel Aviv University ( M.A. in Security & Diplomacy Program – Year 2011 )

Axel Angeles
Miami, FL

masa israel

“My interest in being here has been all about the community on campus and getting to talk with people I wouldn’t get to talk with otherwise, with different perspectives. It’s been really cool.”

Arava Institute ( Study Abroad Program – Year 2016 )

Adam Miller

masa israel

Back home I’m pretty involved in anti-war activism and things like that in the region. So this is a great way to get direct perspective on the ground. I think it’s a pretty important thing, what’s going on here, actually. I think it builds a lot of understanding, a lot of trusts. Honestly, I think the academics are the least of what this place has to offer.

Arava Institute ( Study Abroad Program – Year 2016 )


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